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              Our offices will be closed from Thursday, May 28th at 1:00 PM EDT through Friday, May 29th.

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              About Us


              We are a family owned business with over 20 years of experience selling fine watches, and have been selling investment-quality timepieces online since 2004. Today, WatchMaxx.com is among the leading online retailers of luxury watches.

              As independent dealers, our industry connections allow us to buy the most desired brands at the best prices, and provide exceptional value to our customers.

              Our long history of handling the finest watch brands and collections makes it possible for us to offer many of the most sought-after items. Even if the color or style you seek is not shown on the web site, we are often able to get it for you.

              Our Customers

              Thousands of customers from around the globe have purchased watches from us since 2004.

              Retail, wholesale, and corporate buyers rely on us for a great deal on the best watches.

              Our reputation is well established, with top ratings on eBay and other online selling channels.

              Our Standards of Service

              At WatchMaxx.com you can shop with confidence and be certain you are getting what you expect. We always guarantee the following for every item we offer:

              • 100% genuine and authentic watches and accessories.
              • In the original manufacturer’s packaging, with user guide and accompanying materials.
              • Warranty protection.
              • Original unaltered manufacturer’s serial number.
              • Generous return and exchange policies.

              We protect our customers with state-of-the art secure transaction processing tested daily by Norton and McAfee.

              We offer the widest possible range of payment options, shipping choices, and merchandise for your comfort and convenience.

              Our staff of professionals is ready to assist you in selecting and purchasing the perfect watch, and handle the transaction with care and courtesy.

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